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HNPS_Logo      Primary Classroom Teachers

  • Vacancy type: Full-time
  • Closing date: 15/9/2016

Hoa Nghiem Primary School is a Child Safe school.

Key Selection Criteria

  1. A demonstrated ability to plan engaging, differentiated learning experiences in line with the Victorian/Australian Curriculum.
  2. A demonstrated ability to conduct assessment and utilise relevant data in an effective manner, with a particular familiarity with (or interest in) formative assessment.
  3. A strong commitment to student wellbeing, including a capacity to manage student behaviour with kindness and compassion (knowledge of restorative practice will be beneficial, but not essential).
  4. Demonstrated high level of knowledge of relevant curriculum areas, with a flexible approach to student learning strategies and an ability to integrate key curriculum areas (including traditionally ‘specialist’ areas of the curriculum).
  5. A strong interest and willingness to engage in the inquiry process of teaching and learning
  6. An understanding of small school educational settings and willingness to contribute to a range of activities and tasks.
  7. Previous engagement with Buddhist philosophy and a capacity to lead meditation; an awareness of, and interest in, social and environmental justice issues.
  8. Demonstrated capacity to work harmoniously within a team and build positive partnerships with parents and school community members
  9. A university degree in teaching/education and VIT registration at the time of commencing employment.

Essential: Criteria 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9

Preferred: 5, 6 and 7

To apply for the position:

Please email the following to,

  • a current CV, including the contact details of a minimum of three referees.
  • a response to selection criteria
  • minimum 3 referees

All employees are required to possess a valid VIT registration at the time of commencing employment, and are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct procedures. New graduates are welcome to apply.

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