About us


Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple was founded in 1987 as the first worship place of the UVBCSEM.

In 2003, Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple construction was completed.

In 2015, Hoa Nghiem Community and Cultural was completed.

Program & Service

Cultural festivals and events are regularly held at the venue to preserve and foster knowledge of Vietnamese traditions and cultural heritage. These attract thousands of people and include:

  • Lunar New Year Eve and New Year Day, which occurs in January/February;
  • Vu Lan Day (Ancestor Appreciation Day), which occurs in August/September;
  • Multicultural Children Festival, occurring in September; and
  • Special occasional events when the need arises.

Service includes:

  • Catering
  • Library
  • After hour Vietnamese Language School
  • Hoa Nghiem Primary School
  • Elderly Club
  • Tax Help Centre
  • Art/Youth Clubs
  • Seminars and workshops about health, social issue, skills, etc…
  • FREE Community Vegetarian Lunch every Sunday to members who would like to sample vegetarian meals.