About us

Hinh-CHUA-HOA-NGHIEMsThe UVBCSEM was established in 1987, a not-for-profit organisation committed to serving the needs of the Buddhist community.

Besides religious service and activities, the UVBCSEM promotes community services, educational and cultural activities for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike in the south-eastern region of Melbourne.

Establishment of Hoa Nghiem Temple

Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple was founded in 1987 as the first worship place of the UVBCSEM. At the end of 1995, Venerable Thich Thien Tam and the Executive Committee of Hoa Nghiem Temple purchased three properties approx. 4000m2  at 444 – 448 Springvale Road, Springvale South. Construction commenced in 1999 and was completed in 2003.

Building structure at completion

Completion of the building resulted in a new and diverse range of facilities for the community, including:

  1. Buddha Hall, for religious services
  2. Sangha House, to provide accommodation for monks and nuns.
  3. Multi-purpose Hall for public gatherings
  4. Amenities
  5. Library

In December 2015, Hoa Nghiem Community and Cultural Centre is completed.

Program & Service

Cultural festivals and events are regularly held at the venue to preserve and foster knowledge of Vietnamese traditions and cultural heritage. These attract thousands of people and include:

  • Lunar New Year Eve and New Year Day, which occurs in January/February;
  • Vu Lan Day (Ancestor Appreciation Day), which occurs in August/September;
  • Multicultural Children Festival, occurring in September; and
  • Special occasional events when the need arises.

Service includes:

  • Library
  • After hour Language School
  • Elderly Club
  • Tax Help Centre
  • Art Clubs
  • Seminars and workshops about health, social issue, skills, etc…
  • FREE Community Vegetarian Lunch every Sunday to members who would like to sample vegetarian meals.
  • Fundraising events to support other communities
  • Community Correctional Services since 1998.


Since 1987, the UVBCSEM had around 150 members. This has now increased and currently has 1,874 registered members and about 8000 members.

In conclusion, the UVBCSEM has strong networking links with individual, group and organisation within the community. It provides a wealth of human and material resources to run events, festivals, seminars/workshops, and many other community programs as listed above.